Guatemala Pilgrimage & Mission Trip

Join us for our upcoming Annual Guatemala Trip!

Here's some information on our upcoming trip. 

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Our goal with international mission work is to build relationships, expand our knowledge of the world and use that knowledge no matter where we serve. The world is a very, very different place outside the U.S. and understanding those differences allows us to be better neighbors both local and beyond. We approach these trips as a pilgrimage, understanding that we are not bringing God to Guatemala (he is already very much there), but instead to spiritually seek what God has for us in the time we spend there.

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August 2016 - Join us, Sunday, August 20, when our Guatemala team will share their experiences with us and tell us all about what God has done and continuing to do in Guatemala. 

Projects that Assurance missioners have participated in with Mission Guatemala have included:

December 2017 – Contributed towards the 7th year of Mission Guatemala's community Christmas parties.  First, Mission Guatemala celebrated "la Navidad" with children from the community of Godinez. The following day, they celebrated with children from the community of Caliaj San Andrés! Every one of both the community's younger children received a hand-wrapped Christmas present filled with items donated throughout the year by our amazing supporters!  In addition to receiving their gifts, the niñosand their families enjoyed a performance from "Los Alegrines," a local clown troupe, and to finish out the morning, everyone shared a traditional meal of tamales with bread and fruit "ponche!"

August 2017 - Many hours were spent mixing mortar and laying blocks to help further the "Casa del Maestros" (House of the Teacher) building project in San AndresSemetabaj.  We also helped install the first stoves in the community of Los Robles as part of Mission Guatemala's new stove program.  These stoves are highlyefficient, and help provide families with the ability to cook while using much less wood than with a traditional stove.   

February 2017 – Donation made to Grace for Guatemala in partnership with Unity Presbyterian in Denver, NC to purchase fuel efficient stoves for villages in the Chimaltenango district.  This stove will allow the family to eliminate the smoke and other pollution caused by cooking on an open fire inside the home as well as reduce the time needed and expense incurred to collect firewood.

December 2016 - Invested in a start-up social enterprise.  This investment contributes toward a larger fundraising effort that will allow the village of El Sitan to become a Wakami village.  The women of El Sitan are working in partnership with Communities of the Earth and the Sinapi Foundation to learn a business incubation methodology which will train these women to run village-based teams producing quality goods, market those goods to the global export economy (in partnership with Wakami) and then learn value of investing their income in life-enhancing products such as vented stoves, water filters, solar panels, latrines and organic/sustainable gardens.  The Wakami Village idea goes beyond solving poverty.  It aims to implement a methodology and a platform where people come together to create sustainable ways of life, where rural women, that are mothers, become strong agents of change at the different levels.

June 25-July 2, 2016 – Continued construction on Casa de Tat Loy, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and began construction on the medical lab (funded by donations from AUMC) located inside Mission Guatemala’s medical clinic.  We also had the opportunity to deliver 5 water filters for each classroom, purchased by our Assurance children’s ministry offering, to the Kikoten school in the community of San Andres Semetabaj.  This school has 94 children with no access to clean water.

December 2015 – Solely funded Christmas food baskets for each of the 178 families in the community of Panimatzalam. The baskets were filled with various Christmas treats, such as marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies, as well as other nutritious food items, all of which are presented in a sturdy, reusable plastic basket. In addition to the basket of food, each family also received a bag of corn, which is a main staple in Guatemalan meals, as well as a live chicken, which has been raised as part of Mission Guatemala’s chicken program.

November 2015 – Committed to funding the addition of a lab for Mission Guatemala’s medical center.  One of Mission Guatemala’s main outreach initiatives is a medical, dental and ophthalmology clinic in the community of San Andreas Semetabaj.  Lab work is virtually non-existent in this part of Guatemala.   As a point of reference, Mission Guatemala’s pharmacy is better stocked than the closest major hospital in Sololá.  Providing the means to perform simple lab tests takes the guess work out of which antibiotic to use for which illness or parasite and helps to further the trust that is being built between the indigenous people and the medical professionals at the lab.  Our investment will help to open the lab, furnish it with the needed equipment, cover the salary of a lab technician and will also potentially keep the lab in operation for several years.

August 2015 - Continued construction on two class rooms in the village of Xecotoj in 2015. This school had two finished classrooms, but students were still attending class in a third classroom that was basically a tin shed. 

2015 Project.JPG

December 2014 – Participated in the funding of 204 Christmas food baskets for the communities of Xepec and Xejuyu I, filled with various food staples and holiday treats, 15 pounds of corn, and a live chicken. 

August 2014 - Finishing work on building a playground in Las Canoas Bajas. Previous to the construction of the new playground, the 300-plus students at the school had the use of only one small metal slide and a small, two-swing swing set, both of which were in deteriorating and unsafe condition. The only open area for the kids to play was uneven and covered in trash and broken glass.

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Check out the Mission Guatemala website, for more information about the organization we are working with.