Church Council


The Church Council is responsible for the Vision of Assurance (Go and Grow) and organizing and arranging Assurance around that vision. They are the decision makers for the church on behalf of the congregation.

Jim Connor, Co-Chair

Karen Furr, Co-Chair

Quentin Downey, Staff Parish Relationsh Committee (SPRC) Chair

Terry Gray, Trustees Co-Chair

Beth DeLawter, Trustees Co-Chair

Mark Hurley, Finance Co-Chair

Tracey Rudisill, Finance Co-Chair

Stewart Lowrey, Finance Co-Chair

Lisa Hawkins, Ministry Council Co-Chair / Connections Campus Council Co-Chair

Karen Anzola Connections Campus Council Co-Chair

Pamela Guthridge, Ministry Council Co-Chair

Bruce Berrier, Treasurer

Sam Smith, At Large

David Zietlow, Lay Leader

Lonnie Pittman, Pastors