Sundays at 11:00am

The Bunch is another version of what you may think of as Sunday School. It is during the 11:00am worship hour, but is as far from what you may remember Sunday School to be. All children ages 2 - 2nd grade participate in this wonderful program. Toddler/Preschool age children "rotate" activities in their classroom each week. Children K-2nd grade meet in the Gathering Space and participate in Large Group style "rotation" through the current story. 

The Bunch is similar to the Vineyard and is a rotational style formatted program where kids have a chance to explore and experience the stories of the Bible in ways never thought possible. We feel that this helps establish a firm foundation that allows for life application, not just memorization. 

Note that they style of programming is similar to the Vineyard, but the content varies. Children are welcome to attend both Vineyard and Bunch, and will experience the Word in totally different ways.

Meets in the Gathering Space at Northlake Campus.

For questions or more information, you can email Ms. Tina at tina@assuranceumc.org.