This is a relaunch of an amazing class designed for our older elementary (3rd, 4th & 5th graders). This "class" will be broken out into two distinctive faith building opportunities.  One mini-boost will be infused each week during the child's normal 9:30 Vineyard rotation class and the other will be intermittent family events that will help the whole family engage with their Bibles and in their faith.  These events will be "BOOST" events and will be broken out like this:

  • #1: BREAKING GROUND -  Bible 101, back to Bible Basics 
  • #2: DIGGING DEEPER - activities will begin to focus more on the how to's of usage 
  • #3: GROUNDED -  activities will reflect more life application and growth going forward 

SOME SPECIFICS:  Registration for each "BOOST" event will be necessary.  We will be serving a light lunch and offering childcare for younger children through 2nd grade, so we will need an approximate count.  This program is designed to be FAMILY MINISTRY event to foster Faith@home. Equipping parents to share their faith with their children as they navigate this "big book" together is the goal for this new look of Bible BOOST!  

Please know that we are not excluding your younger elementary age, their time will come.  We are hoping to enhance the presentation of the 3rd grade bibles by offering this unique program for our upper elementary ages.  Thank you for understanding.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  registration links will be open closer to each date

Check this site for the Fall launch and Registration Links. 



Meets in the Education Wing at Northlake Campus.

To reach Ms. Tina with any questions or more information you can email her at