TASTE & SEE!  What a great name for a tasty camp!   It's been a few years since we have offered a cooking camp, but have had many many requests to offer it again.   Campers will learn to chop, dice, shred, slice, measure and mix as they follow recipes and create the daily menu that will be enjoyed together each day.  We will also, as we dine together, learn some basic table setting skills, as well as, table etiquette.  

PLEASE KNOW: This is a COOKING CAMP, with real food. While we are unable to address all allergy concerns, we will not be using any full peanut products and will try to make every effort that "processed in facilities" are checked;  we would like to have a few spots available for kids that are gluten free, these will be limited to first come and a minimum number of must be met...  Please also be aware that food labels and brands will be made known if you have concerns.  

We will meet from 9:00-1:00 from Tuesday, Aug 15 - Thursday, Aug 17
The fee will be $130.00 and is due within 3 weeks of registration.  As a courtesy we do not require a registration fee, however if a waiting list is needed, those that haven't paid in full within a reasonable time may be removed from registration list to make room for those seeking a spot.   Thanks for understanding.
Spots will be VERY limited, so act quickly. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email tina@assuranceumc.org

Registration has closed.  If you would like to see if there are spots available, please contact tina@assuranceumc.org