Vacation Bible School

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The Bible is full of powerful stories that still guide our everyday lives. During this week kids will discover a few of these that will fill them with wonder and maybe even make them exclaim… WOW!


 WOW! WOW! WOW! This year’s VBS is certainly living up to its name…WOW!! We have reached capacity in record time and are humbled with the response. Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing your children with us.  Because the response has been such a success, we have closed general registration at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

                                                                    However, if you are volunteering and haven’t yet registered your children please email


UPDATE to VBS Program: 

We have had record VBS registrations and have reached capacity in our VBS program and are unable to receive additional registrations in that program.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but we take the safety of our children of utmost importance.  Thank you for your understanding.  If you are volunteering and have questions about this, please contact


There will be a volunteer training on Thursday, June 13th at 10:00 am.

In preparation for VBS we have provided a parent letter with all the info you need.


Safe Sanctuary


Did you know that the color yellow is perfect to compliment your Sunday finest?  If you haven’t yet gotten your special yellow lanyard, now is the time!  

Did you know:

  • that our yellow lanyards signifies completion of our Safe Sanctuary process?
  • That it gives you a great place to hang your name tag!
  • that by wearing your yellow lanyards, kids/youth know to look for you if they are lost, need help or are scared/uncomfortable for any reason?  
  • that they tell others that you value the safety of not only the children and youth of our church but also of the volunteers that work with them each week?

Thank you in advance for making this a priority. We look forward to presenting many lovely yellow lanyards!

What is Safe Sanctuary?

Safe Sanctuaries offers clear child abuse prevention and risk reduction policies that all local Methodist churches have been mandated to have had in place and operational by December 31, 2005. In this packet, you will find the policy, more defined information regarding the individual procedures around some of our unique programs, as well as the needed informational volunteer application forms. 

You should be aware that we have gone to great lengths to provide a nurturing, loving environment where you can feel secure in leaving your child. A church should be a safe place, never a place to feel threatened by any form of abuse; whether physical, emotional or sexual.

Our efforts involve, but are not been limited to, background checks, visibility, age requirements, roving monitors, and/or multiple adults in each room. 

Access the packet here.