Loud, Noisy, Wiggly, and Excited

Wow…What a week! How many of you remember VBS when you were a kid? I am sure that the VBS of our memories may not quite compare to the VBS that our kids are able to experience this week! On Monday morning, I came early enough to be alone in the sanctuary. How peaceful it was, sitting on the steps of the stage in the darkness letting the light from the window fully illuminate this holy space. I let my eyes glance at each chair, each space that would soon hold loud, noisy, wiggly and excited child! As I did, I prayed. Not for the children to be on best behavior, not for them to be quiet, not for them to sit totally still…I prayed for the Holy Spirit to do His work through us so that these children could and would feel the Love of Jesus Christ! We have shared many stories this week, using board games as our platform! Each story built on each other all designed to be Disciple Training 101! After all, we are leading these children and modeling for them what it truly means to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ, right? Growing…and ultimately Going! VBS is designed to teach Bible  stories…and they did! Through each and every activity the “God Story” could be found! 

There was another kind of story that was also amazing to watch unfold. The  story of a church that is so much more than a building! A story of children being excited about being at church! A story of a church that LOVES children enough to know that “sacred space” means more than clean space. A story of a church that Shares THE Story in incredible ways! 

To truly get the "picture," visit our facebook page for lots of pictures and video of the faithful fun.