The Night I Was Rendered Speechless...

I don't have words for what our family experienced last night. It was a night of celebration unlike anything that I have ever encountered. Our family will treasure your stories, remembrances, gifts, cards, stole, pictures, video and love with us always. A special thank you to Pastor Daniel and Cindy and others that I know we're "behind" tonight's celebration. But for all of you who were "underneath" and inside of the celebration, please receive my appreciation for the ministry that you have allowed me to share in. You have allowed me to be one of your pastors. It's such a rich blessing and a gift. We. Are. Assurance. We are family and family is forever. We will still be around thru June and our family will certainly be around sporadically even after that - but know that the gift of celebrating and remembering that you gave us last night - felt eternal. You lifted our human spirits, Assurance - but truth be told you do that for different people each and every day in ministry. Thanks for letting me be the recipient this time. God is so good!

Love always,