As announced on Sunday during worship and through email/social media, my wife, Susannah, will be joining the Assurance staff beginning in January. Words cannot express how excited we are as a family and as pastors. We are both truly blessed to be appointed by the Bishop to such a wonderful church. 

Susannah and I want all of you to know that while this does indeed benefit us as a family unit, we also believe it will be a benefit to the mission and ministries of Assurance. We believe that our gifts as a couple are very complimentary of each other. I will continue to do the majority of the preaching, which is one of my biggest passions--she will preach on average once a month. She will focus on the Discipleship of the church, which is one of her biggest passions. Of course, there is so much more to our roles than those two areas, and we want you to know that we are in the process of figuring the best way to delineate all gifts and roles. Also, SPRC is very committed to making sure we balance each other out in a proper way. 

Many of you have asked about Susannah’s church and how they are doing with this news. Obviously, they were a little surprised when they were told on Sunday morning, but they have been very supportive and understanding. Susannah and I both know their future pastor very well, Mike Carr. He is an excellent pastor, and Susannah and I know that he will be a wonderful fit for ministry in Mount Holly. 

I also want to give a very special “thank you!” to Daniel Jackson for helping in the area of Discipleship since the departure of Daniel Corpening. Daniel Jackson has been a committed and amazing help in this area. I can tell you that he both loves Jesus and the people of Assurance. We all knew he would do an amazing job in the interim role until a new pastor came along, and he not only did not disappoint, but also excelled! Assurance is a better place because of Daniel’s passion for the Gospel. 

We hope you are as excited as Susannah and I are about the future of Assurance. The two of us know that we have a lot of work to do on behalf of God’s kingdom, and we both believe we could not be doing this work in a better church. Assurance is a special place! Since my arrival in July, I have always said that it is truly an honor to be your pastor. Now, as the Pittman family, we can say it is an honor to be your pastors.

Pastor Lonnie