The honeymoon is over…and that is a good thing!

I made an attempt at a humorous comment during worship on July 31st. I asked all of you if “the honeymoon is over?” The phrase “the honeymoon is over” is usually associated with the negative realities of what comes next. However, I don’t believe it has to be or should be that way. In fact, I think it is the exact opposite!

As I settle in as your new Lead Pastor, I am even more amazed at how God has been working and continues to work through all of you (the people of Assurance). This truly is a great church doing great things in the name of Christ. “Growing and Going” isn’t just a nice catchy phrase; it is at the heart of all that this church is doing. It is our identity and DNA.

The honeymoon may be ending on my time as “the new guy,” but to me that is a wonderful thing! It’s wonderful because it means I will start getting to know all of you without the lenses of strictly being “new.” Instead, the Christian community ideals of vulnerability and intimacy become the newer reality more and more each day.

I can’t wait to “Grow and Go” with you as we head into the future. Soon, school will be starting and normal routines will begin. Bible studies and the On The Way Wednesday night dinners will be each week. And I couldn’t be more excited! The “honeymoon” may be ending, but the fun is just beginning!!!

~Pastor Lonnie