Finding Your Place By The Manger

I’ll admit, I love it all … The trees, the lights, the music, the holiday greeting in every store. I love it all! And when it’s all said and done, it helps get me ready for the “meat” of Christmas, which happens by the manger. Sure, that stuff can get in the way if we let it - but it can also set us up for the main event, which is the opportunity to make more room for Jesus in our lives and in this world that God loves. Because when the season is over: the toys will break, the presents will get opened, the bills will come :-(, the holiday greetings will grow silent, and the lights and decorations will get put back into a box not to be pulled out for another year. But the time we spend by the manager is the only part of this season that has eternal staying power.  

So how are you finding your place kneeling by the manager? Sunday we will worship at both campuses. And throughout the week there will be caroling and the awesome Northlake Community Tradition, LIVE NATIVITY (for which we still need servants to literally spend some time by the manger in the form of nativity characters - don’t miss this chance to get that close to a spitting camel - sign up here), Christmas Eve Services (five between both campuses or certainly a service in whatever town you may be visiting), and a ONE ASSURANCE worship opportunity on the 27th at Northlake. Those are all chances in the next 10 days to find your place kneeling at the manger. Without practices like these, I am likely to forget the difference between the Season of Christmas and the birth of our Savior.  

I don’t remember the childhood Christmas that we got it - but this picture of Santa kneeling at the foot of Jesus has always spoken to me. It has been in my parents’ house for most of my 42 years. It has always reminded me of the scripture, “every knee will bow and every tongue confess, Jesus as Lord.” It has reminded me that when it’s all said and done, this season bearing His name and all of it’s ornamentation, does ultimately come to kneel at the foot of the manger. The question is, “Will we?”