But Best of All, God is With Us!!!

What a rich Advent season it has been so far. The signs of the season have been everywhere and what a treat to experience Advent, Assurance style. A little over three weeks ago, we invited our congregation into a time of daily devotion and prayer that would help us all reflect together on the Goodness of God and our response to God's love. Wesley's last words, "But best of all, God is with us," remind us of the presence of God in every time and in every place. And in response to all God is doing in our world and life, we are invited to respond. There is a commitment form that is meant to be used on the heels of the devotion guide (link below). I invite you to fill that out and return it. Do it so that you are prayerfully reflecting on some of the ways that Christ will count on you in 2016. There is a place on the response form to commit to new ways you want to give God your time. Our number one priority as a church, in addition to worshipping God, is to help you live out your faith and find places to serve Christ. There is a place for you to pray about financial commitment as well. We are unapologetic about the fact that our money is an important resource that helps God's work happen in our midst. We are a little behind on raising enough funds to offset our ministry spending plan this year. Will you help us have a special finish of the year and a healthy start to 2016? God is at work in mighty ways and together, we are bearing witness to the light of the world in a world that has way too much darkness. Thanks for carrying the light, embracing the light, and sharing the light.