Rev Chris Westmorland

I don’t know about you, but that word is such an old school word for me. Revival. And it has baggage. When I think about it - I think about saw dust and altar calls. One of my first responsibilities in 1998 appointed in the mountains of WNC was to lead the community-wide tent revival. We got a pasture, we got an evangelist, we got sawdust, we got a stage and an old piano - we sung hymns, we had special music, we put out folding chairs and we had altar calls. I don’t think we received any new people into the kingdom in that revival but it did stoke the fire of church folks and light a fire of spiritual renewal and the desire to share God’s good news.  
What do you think of when you hear the word revival? Here is what I’m hoping for. . .we  start a new sermon series on Sunday called, “Revival:  Faith as Wesley lived it.”  There won’t be saw dust and a tent.  There will be revival.  
1) an improvement in the condition or strength of something. 
2) an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again. 
3) a new production of an old play or similar work.
4) a reawakening of religious fervor, especially by means of a series of evangelistic meetings. 
5) a restoration to bodily or mental vigor, to life or consciousness, or to sporting success.
Do you hear some of those actions words: reawakening, restoration, new, becoming, improvement. Revival to me means that something that was lost gets reclaimed!!! That’s the prayer that we are praying for this series. That a Methodist Movement that started in the 18th century on the campus at Oxford University in England, will be rekindled. We will use a spiritual biography of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, to illustrate something ... God’s grace at work in our life and in the world. And we are certain to learn more about church and personal take aways for our life. And we are also certain to reflect on how the future of a people called Methodists is grounded in our past. I’ll get to share some pictures and insights from my trip this summer that retraced the steps of Wesley in England. Come join us!