Rev. Chris Westmoreland

Yes, I am alive, and back in the States. After a church conference with the Reynolds Lead Academy to London and England, and some vacation time in Europe and an out of town wedding at the other end of the state this past weekend, I am back in the office and it sure does feel good to be home. Lots of great stories I will love to tell you about, but for now, suffice it to say that I am so grateful for the chance to be away and for the opportunity to come home. Having said that, between airplane and on foot (several days in London I walked up to 11 miles), by subway, taxi, bus and a rental car - I have travelled some serious miles over the last few weeks (about 12K to be exact). Of course, traveling from place to place is one thing, but traveling from place to place with all our luggage was quite another. And I think that this blog post is probably about to turn into an overshare, because. . . I pack like a girl. No offense to the women reading right now, but I am NOT known for the ability to pack light and that statement tends to be made for women more than men. Especially when going to a place where it rains a lot and the climate varies. There were days in the 80’s and nights in the 40’s, whatever was I to do? :-) 

So I didn’t realize how much stuff I had brought until I was transitioning from my Reynolds Group to meet Kristin for the vacation part of the trip back in London. I was too cheap to take a cab so I ended up rolling and carrying all my luggage one mile from Paddington Station to the hotel. I carried three bags all that way. And if that wasn’t enough, right after I dropped my luggage off I went to the airport to pick Kristin up and then had to carry her bags that same mile, grumbling every step of the way. What was I saying to myself? I just kept saying, “Why couldn’t I have packed lighter”? I was feeling the weight of every single thing I had brought or picked up - every piece of clothing or paper or nicknack or book. So as I was accumulating stuff, throughout the trip, the heavier those bags became. And it got me thinking. . . 

How heavy are your bags?